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Emotional Intelligence is About Paying Attention to Your Own Inner Signals

Try out this journaling exercise at home as a way to explore your emotional reaction to various situations that you may have faced in your encounters with other people today. What stands out in your mind as being unsatisfactory, and why? What situations would you like to explore in greater depth and turn into a learning experience that helps you gain emotional intelligence?

Ask yourself, and write about the following in detail:

What emotion did I feel at the time? What caused the emotion? How can I ease my way out of this unpleasant feeling next time? Which of my needs did I feel was not being met which caused me to feel emotional? What emotion was someone else having that I ended up reacting to? What might have been causing or contributing to the other person's emotion? What can I do in the future to reach an understanding with this person or someone like them? Why is it worth coming to a compromise with this situation? What will happen if I fail to control myself in moments like this one? Is it worth trying to reason with a/this person who is being emotional? Why/why not? How can I do better at managing a situation like this again in the future?

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