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Identifying the Need for Healing

No one said life was easy, but who would have known it would bring so much pain? Emotional trauma is far more common than we might believe. And if you're someone who is suffering, then it may take every last bit of strength in you to drag yourself out of bed each day and keep on keeping on.

There can be any number of reasons why you are suffering emotionally right now. Your pain may be acute and your emotional wounds fresh -- such as from a recent, devastating breakup that has left you feeling lost and abandoned.

Or, your emotional pain may be something you have carried around with you for decades, or even for most of your life. Perhaps the unkind or cruel words of an abusive parent that were uttered so long ago, has left you with a gut-punched feeling that never seems to go away. It's a heavy emotional load that you carry - weighing down your chest, sinking deep in the pit of your stomach, and keeping your footsteps heavy as your spirit sags.

Another possibility for your emotional pain is grief - the loss of a loved one, perhaps a partner or family member whom you relied upon for emotional comfort and security. The loss could be about a person's passing… or maybe it's the result of a separation. Perhaps you moved away from family, or parted ways with your husband or wife after divorce. This could have been by your own choice, or because someone else dictated this unfortunate fact of your life.

Whatever the source of your pain, one thing is certain. This is a time to heal. Healing is necessary and very much needed, if we want to move on to a better place where our soul can once again thrive and our heart can open to love again.

Most people won't have any idea that deep within you, you are undergoing a transformation - that you are seeking and finding ways to release unhealthy emotions. But you will know, and you are the person who counts most in this scenario. If you have ever denied yourself or put another person's emotions above your own, and suffered because of it… you will now know differently. The time has come for self care, self acceptance and self love.

This healing time is your time. Be that nourishment to yourself that you sought but perhaps did not find, in another.

Yes… everyone goes through difficult emotions at times. But the beauty of it all is that this is your chance to grow and learn from past mistakes. In doing so, you can finally break out of old cycles that didn't serve you, so you can move on and know real love.

Do your soul a favor, and give your precious self this time to heal. Taking the needed steps to reach emotional healing will be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

One day, the butterfly of your soul will emerge from its proverbial cocoon. This new and stronger you will hopefully be able to look back on this difficult time of your life with greater understanding and newfound wisdom - maybe even gratitude for the lessons learned. And you'll look back on this experience in a detached way… as though it was something lived by someone else.

Love yourself, heal yourself… and come to the place where you have moved outside of your own body and are now simply gazing back at the empty shell which once held the fragile, wounded soul that is no longer you.

Take all the time you need to heal and move into self love.

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