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Breathwork for Calm

Why should you learn breathwork?

Breathwork uses various techniques that incorporate the intentional use of the breath.
You will learn how to regulate the flow of your breath to balance your mind and body.


The 3 goal of this 10-week program is to:

1. Help you to re-establish a healthy breathing pattern

2. Establish a daily breathing practice.

3. Learn to regulate energy and emotions in the moment using your breath.


** Each session starts with a 5-minute silent meditation**

Week 1-  Setting Your Foundation- Practice Soft Belly (Abdominal Breathing)

Week 2 - 3-part breath and 4-7-8 Breath

Week 3 - Box Breathing

Week 4 -Alternate Nostril Breathing

Week 5 - Breath of Joy

Week 6 - Breathing Steps

Week 7 - Body Scan

Week 8 - Breath of Fire and

Week 9 - Bellow of Breath

Week 10 -Letting Go Meditation

Group Rates Available

Click HERE to schedule a 30 min  free consultation

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