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Workplace Wellness

Their primary goal is to create a supportive and healthy work environment that enhances employee productivity, engagement, and overall well-being. depending on the organization's needs and objectives, but  generally include the following:

Assessing needs and conducting evaluations: Assess the organization's current wellness initiatives and employee health needs through surveys, data analysis, and employee feedback. Evaluate existing programs and policies to identify areas for improvement.

Designing wellness programs: Based on the assessment, develop customized wellness programs that align with the organization's goals and resources. These programs can include mental health support, stress management, and other wellness initiatives.

Collaborating with stakeholders: Works closely with various stakeholders, including management, human resources, and employees, to gain support, gather input, and ensure the successful implementation of wellness programs. May also partner with external vendors, such as fitness instructors or mental health professionals.

Education and training: Educates employees on various aspects of wellness through workshops, seminars, webinars, or training sessions. Provides information and resources on topics such as, stress reduction emotional intelligence, and work-life balance.

Developing policies and guidelines: Assists in developing wellness policies and guidelines that support a healthy workplace culture.

Promoting wellness initiatives: Develop marketing and communication strategies to promote wellness programs and initiatives effectively.

Evaluating and monitoring: Regularly assesses the effectiveness of wellness programs and initiatives (collecting data, analyzing outcomes, and measuring the impact of the initiatives on employees' job satisfaction, absenteeism, and productivity. Based on the evaluation, they make adjustments and improvements to the programs as needed.


Consultation is provided in-person and over the phone or online, depending upon my availability and as agreed upon by you, your organization, and/or your agency and me.




$200 for 60 minutes

$100 for 30 minutes
$45 for 15 minutes

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