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Day 10. Celebrating the Moments Between the Moments

On day 10 of our positivity challenge, we'll focus on the moments between the moments.

What's meant here is that even though the tendency is to fill up our schedules with big events and fantastic experiences… those "moments between the moments" are what really makes life worth living.

The moments between the moments have to do with communing and connecting with other human beings. Perhaps animals, too.

The moments between the moments might be something of an extra surprise bonus experience that unfolded organically without "trying to make something happen".

Maybe you brought your kids to an amusement park, and a nice person who worked there took the time to comfort your child who became frightened on the roller coaster.

Maybe you attended a friend's wedding and had the pleasure of hearing magical stories of growing up in the 1950s from the father of the bride, whom you barely knew prior to this occasion.

Maybe you took a family trip to a museum in the city. And your favorite moment turned out to be offering a $10 tip to the gentleman who sweeps the lobby floor. And he smiled a broad smile in thanks for your gesture, and it made you feel good inside.

The moments between the moments cannot be planned or forced. The spontaneity is what makes them so satisfying.

Exercise: Identify Your Own "Moment Between the Moments"

You've probably made some plans in your life. You took trips, booked sessions, ate in new restaurants, attended meetings, had brainstorms, made plans, plans, and more plans.

After doing what you set out to do… think of what moments gave meaning to these special occasions?

Journal It.

If you recently celebrated a holiday, go beyond gifts and occasions. What moment between the moments will be forever etched in your mind? Who was there? What was said? What happened?

List the things that unfold naturally that add significance to your experiences.

What qualifies as a "moment between the moments" for you personally?

Why are some things that we expect to enjoy, like a family car trip, a planned birthday party, or a vacation, sometimes more of a hassle and a bother than the magical time that we anticipated?

What moments can you reflect on and be grateful for, in the hope of attracting more of the same type of quality experiences into your life?

May You Be Well


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