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Day 15. Grateful for Your Powerful, Miraculous Body

For today's 30 Days of Positivity Challenge, we're going to ruminate on the miracle of your body.

Your body is a perfect machine, all parts working in concert, directed by your complex power center, the brain, and the nervous system - the hard wiring that's responsible for it all coming together so naturally and effortlessly. Regulated by your pulsating heart that carries blood to the outermost edges, and allows you to exist in this world!

When you were born, your mind was an untouched tablet, waiting to be imprinted. Your body was a bundle of untapped and undeveloped potential.

Look at you now! Isn't it a wonder? Why do we take our beautiful and miraculous bodies for granted? Why do so many people abuse and neglect their wondrous bodies, the chassis that support a living, breathing human soul?

So many people have a negative perception of their bodies. They want perfection - a concept that only exists in our minds. But they fail to recognize the stark beauty of their wondrous bodies and the life they support.

Exercise 15: Practice Loving and Appreciating Your Body

Your body contains you. Your body gets you from here to there.

Your body is powerful. You can use it to carry things and move things. Your body takes you where you want to go.

You have full control over your body. You can move it fast, slow, or not at all. Your body shuts down and recharges every night. That, too, is miraculous!

Your mind controls your body more than you realize. Did you know that some people who have practiced yoga for many, many years are able to regulate their own heartbeat and blood pressure? It's true. Google it.

Think about Olympic athletes, and the amazing feats they perform using their bodies.

Have you ever watched Cirque De Soleil? The bodily capabilities of these performers absolutely boggle the mind.

Your body is a miracle! Celebrate it and appreciate it, even with all your perceived flaws.

¨ Adopt a healthy attitude about your body. Treat it like the temple it is.

¨ Reject your own perceived limitations of your body. Stop thinking that "you can't."

¨ If someone criticizes the way your body looks, get rid of them.

¨ Feed your body healthy food. Exercise your body. Give your body the rest it needs to heal and self-protect.

If you've never done yoga before, embark on a practice. There are many videos to learn from on YouTube and other websites.

You can also get a book on how to do each yoga pose, and the benefit it provides to your body.

Yoga is a hands-on way to get to know your body and understand its capabilities and your powerful control over it.

The condition and health of your body are entirely up to you!

Journal It.

In what ways have you managed to show your body some love today? Write about it.

What parts of your body do you appreciate? Do you have strong legs? A lovely, long neck? Celebrate the Venusian curves of your womanly body, or the lean, powerful mass of you if you're a man. Perhaps your body is soft and yielding like a pillow, or sinewy and craggy in spots. Those things are beautiful, too.

Did you use your body to help someone today? What did you do? Carry heavy objects? Move quickly in time to assist someone in need? Did you put your body against another, in a warm and loving embrace?

May You Be Well


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