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Day 30. Be Grateful for Friends

On the last day of our 30-Day Positivity Challenge, we will simply appreciate our friends.

What is it about certain people that make you want to have them as a friend?

Do you keep a "collection" of people that you enjoy adding to as you go forth and experience life?

Much like a coin collection, you'll want to hang onto people who provide value for you.

Since everybody is different, that value could really be anything you want it to be.

Often, we become friends with people based on shared special interests. It's way better to attend a Pink Floyd cover band concert with your good ole friends than someone whom you barely know or worse, a family member who's currently sporting an attitude!

Many people kick off new friendships by discovering the common interests they have with someone else.

Then, they take it a step further by offering personal details and sharing their stories with this new friend.

When someone listens to your stories without judging you, that's a friend to be thankful for.

When someone hears you confess to a bad deed or poorly-made a decision but doesn't judge, rat you out or spread your story to others… that's a friend to be thankful for, too!

Exercise 30: Make This the Year You Show Your Friends Some Love

Do you know who your real friends are? How do you know?

A friend builds up your self-confidence. True friends will be honest with you while at the same time speaking to you in a tactful and kind way.

A friend will help you look on the bright side. A good friend will offer you honesty, and be open to honest thoughts and opinions from you.

A friend doesn't play mind games, tell fictitious stories about you, or otherwise try to make you feel less-than.

Here's a fun activity if you're looking to show appreciation for friends.

Host a get-together of good friends to break up the monotony of the long winter.

Don't let a nip in the air or a coat of snow on the ground stop you from feeling the warmth of a friend's smile this winter. Instead, let the ringing in of the New Year be the first of many friend gatherings to highlight your seasons the whole year through.

Your gathering of good friends can be a home-baked cookie swap, an evening of hot toddies and conversation, or a night out at a favorite tavern to hear some great music and make merry together.

Getting together with friends doesn't have to involve showing off the latest gadgets or being seen at all the local hot spots.

Good friends are just happy to hear from you and be in your presence!

Journal It.

Write down all the things that you love about your friends.

Write down some fun and relaxing ways to celebrate your greatest friendships that don't involve a lot of money or complicated planning.

Put your plans into action. Raise a glass to those folks in your life who laugh with you, cry with you, come to your rescue in times of need, listen to your stories, and make you feel all-around awesome to be alive.

Cheers to the best of friendships!

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