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Day 26. Beautiful Music Makes Life Worth Living

Do you have a song playing in your mind right now? What is it?

Do you enjoy hearing this melody? Do the lyrics please you?

Music is a soothing balm for the soul. When life seems overwhelming, you can take a break, and let music carry you away on the wave of your own imagination.

Today we will feel blessed for the beautiful music humans have created throughout history.

All over the world, music has its own unique and signature sound.

From a simple, evocative melody sung by a single human voice, to a masterful composition that was written by the world's most influential musical composers such as Beethoven or Mozart, and performed by a full orchestra … there's no question that music speaks to the human spirit and awakens something in us that's difficult to explain.

Even dogs enjoy music! If you have a dog, do you ever put music on for him or her to watch the reaction?

Perhaps music is a more complex form of howling - the calling of the pack.

Exercise 26: Bring Home the Sound of Music

Remember that movie? Did you feel elated and moved beyond words at the first sound of Julie Andrews' soprano voice ringing out in proclamation that "The hills are alive with the sound of music?"

For many of us, the songs of that beloved film makes our follicles stand at attention as we break out in gooseflesh at the beauteous harmonies.

Do you make music a part of your home life?

If you have children, do you sing with them or support their interest in music?

Have you ever taken music lessons or mastered the ability to play an instrument?

For our positivity challenge today, make music a theme of your afternoon or evening.

Ask family members or living partners to pick a favorite song or album. It can be any musical genre - classical, blues, rock and roll, jazz, new age, country, Motown, or something else.

If you have musically inclined family members, why not spend some time rocking out together? This is a great activity for people of all ages, but if you have little ones then they will definitely find music appreciation hour to be highly enjoyable.

Gather up any instruments you have around - kid-sized bongos, guitars, pan flutes, harmonicas, banjo… whatever you've got. Pass one instrument to each person, and have a jam session.

Journal It.

Write down the details of your jam session. If you managed to record it, playback and make note of some cool musical developments that transpired. Who had a solo? Were people able to harmonize?

You might go further with your gratefulness for the music theme. Host music night at least once a week!

May You Be Well


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